Wedholms Art gallery

Throughout its history Wedholms Fisk has been a meeting point for food and art lovers. This is where elegant food and wine meet in an enclave of sophisticated art. Over the years the walls have been protected by famous Swedish artists such as Lars-Gösta Lundberg, Harald Lyth, Lennart Aschenbrenner, Erik Dietman, Max Book, Karin Wikström, Olle Borg, Håkan Rehnberg, Ulrik Samuelsson, Stina Brockman, Richard Griffith Carlsson, Jesper Nyrén, och Per Kesselmar.

It all started with decades of a generous – and far-sighted – policy of allowing hungry and thirsty artists to exchange their art with cooking art performed by the Bengt Wedholm himself. Come April each year, we bring in a new artist whom will light up our walls in our bar gallery for the next 12 months.
This is all done in collaboration with LG Lundberg who is in charge of all the art exhibited at Wedholms Fisk.