Lunch Menu of the Week


Swedish Oysters from Havstenssund   65:-/st

Sturgeon Caviar – Served with butter fried toast
- Oscetra, Anna Dutch Gold, Holland 28 gr  990:-

Bleak roe from Kalix med sour cream, red onion and butter fried brioche   360:-

Matjes herring from Norrøna, egg yolk confit, chives, dill and red onion
served with sour cream, sweet rye bread, potatoes and browned butter   175:-

Toas Skagen topped with trout roe   170:-

White asparagus served with hollandaise sauce  155:-

White asparagus soup served with green and white asparagus, prawns,   1/2 125:-   1/1 205:-
ramson mayonnaise and radish                                                                                                                      


Salad with lightly smoked Char, avocado, fennel, tomato, roasted carrots,
cucumber, pickled onions, egg and ramson crème 195:-


Pan fried fillet of Mackerell served with cream stewed spinach and boiled potatoes   255:-

Baked fillet of Salmon butter fried leeks, bacon, red wine jus and potato purée  285:-

Steamed Cod matjes herring, poached egg, chives, red onion
browned butter and boiled potatoes   365:-

Parmesan gratinated fillets of Witch served with browned chestnut mushrooms,
Champagne sauce and pressed potatoes   375:-   

Grilled Halibut served with white and green asparagus, fried savoy cabbage,
hollandaise sauce, trout roe and boiled potatoes  390:-

Sole Meuniere served with browned butter and boiled potatoes  505:-

Poached Sole on the bone with trout roe and Champagne sauce   555:-

Grilled Turbot on the bone with butter braised snow peas and shallot onion hollandaise  645:-

Parmesan gratinated fillets of Turbot with scallops and Champagne sauce   665:-