Lunch Menu of the Week


Lobster soup with coconut milk, lemon grass, seared tuna, chili marinated pak-choi
and deep fried tofu
1/2 135:- 1/1 225:-                                                     

Swedish Native Oysters from Havstenssund 65:-

Charred gremolata glace king crab served with avocado terrine, marinated trout roe
and a parsley and silver onion salad 185:-

Spiced herring from Klädesholmen, egg yolk confit, chives, dill and red onion,
sour cream, potatoes and browned butter 175:-                                                                                                                                             

Bleak roe with sour cream, red onion and butter fried brioche 360:-

Sturgeon Caviar – Served with butter fried brioche
- Oscietra Mejstic, Farmed- Netherlands 28 gr 990:-                                                                                                                                             


Salad with tepid heat smoked salmon, grilled baby gem lettuce, eggs, baked fennel and aioli 198:-


Steamed loin of Cod with chive marinated crayfish tails, lobster foam,
curly endive with parmesan and potato puré 255:-

Baked fillet of Char with honey and lemon roasted root vegetables, and roasted potatoes 275:-

Grilled Salmon with glaced king crab, deep fried salsify, mussel foam and poato puré 295:-

Butter fried Monkfish with chestnut mushroom sauce, deep fried sage and dill lunhged potatoes 325:-

Poached Halibut with sauteed spinach, trout roe, Champagne sauce and rice from Saltå Mill 365:-

Steamed Turbot on the bone with horseradish, browned butter and dill-lunged potatoes 645:-

Parmesangratinated Turbot fillet with scallops and Champagne sauce and rice from Saltå mill 645:-

Grilled Sole with browned chanterelles, shallot onion hollandaise and dill-lunged potatoes 695:-