Current artist exhibited in the Gallery, Jesper Nyrén

Jesper Nyrén at Wedholms Bar Gallery

Color is a key word in my artistry. I’m interested in Color as a physichal material.
The composition of different pigments, binders and solvents create different tactile qualities and reflect or attact light from the room.
I am also interested in how  the color can describe something other than itself. The color of a rock, or a certain light ratio. It is for me a medium through which I view the outside world.
It also carries traces of my work in the painting’s surface.
The color is in my painting different tones set next to each other, with different materiality and extent.
The compositions are reduced to a number of color fields to allow  these  things to be at the center. The color both subordinates and carries up the composition.

In the landscape where I live in Stockholm’s northern archipelago, I collect work material in the form of color studies, photographs and visual impressions. In the studio I use theese materials in the creation of the paintings. These paintings could thus be called landscape paintings, but they are above all unique in own right. They originate from a place  in the landscape at a certain time and  light. All this is evident throughout the work but is not necessarily about depicting anything.
The landscape is my starting point from which I create a new space that is the painting.

At Wedholms Bar Gallery, I show four paintings made in the last six months with this particular room in mind. They are created as a group where composition  and detail of color and materiality bind the pieces together. I also show a work of an ongoing series of paintings and photographs that I have worked with in the last five years. The individual parts of the work have the same format and are close to monochrome. In this work, the color fields are exposed and presented side by side in a frieze.

I was born in 1979 and was educated at the Royal Institute of Arts 2002-2007. In recent years I have been exhibiting at Galerie Forsblom and Norrtälje Art Hall, and worked on fine artistic designs, including the New Karolinska Hospital and the new new metro station at Gullmarsplan. I live and work at Björkö.